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What people are saying...

                          About "She Wore Silver Wings..."

"I watched it last night. FANTASTIC!!! I loved it! -- Beautiful presentation, and I watched the deleted scenes as well."

"I just watched "She Wore Silver Wings" and all of the extras. Wow. What a huge undertaking and what a beautiful tribute to Jean Landis. I cried."

"Just a note to let you know we really enjoyed She Wore Silver Wings. It was excellent story that was very well executed. Bravo!" 

"AWESOME!!!!!  I loved the film.  Oh my gosh,  what a special group of women the WASP are.  And you two did a great job of making the story come alive.  It was wonderful filming — and a lot of research you did.  Until you make a movie like this or write a book, no one can relate to the time, research, dedication and passion it takes to get it done. Congratulations.  What a terrific job."


                About "Distinguished Wings Over Vietnam..."

"...the production was on the same level as Ken Burns' ‘Vietnam’, which preceded the Scott’s ‘Distinguished Wings Over Vietnam’... but ‘Wings’ was even more stirring with the stories from these local heroes being told and coming to life." 


"Congrats, kids! You produced and directed a very emotional and impressive film!"


"As a USAF vet now working with wounded vets, I must say this is a beautiful film and an accurate record of an important part of our nation's history. Thank you for shining a bright, bright light on these men of exceptional humor, bravery and character!"


"Devin, I was actually able to view it in Apple TV and KPBS! It was excellent! Thank you for bringing this part of the war! It was rewarding to hear the pilot talk about SERE where I was an instructor . Our unit Echo 2/5 enjoyed the benefit and comfort knowing these brave men were there for us. Thanks again for an outstanding film!"

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